...has teeth.
The wolves are circling.

Shared hosting is too small for Massless.

Thursday, Nov 14, 2002

My girth...is showing.

This site used to be beautiful in a simple not-so-beautiful way. It certainly had lots of content. But as of two days ago, my host asked me to slow down.

(Some would say *forced* me to slow down.)

I understand about breathing room and have complied. You see: It Takes A Village To Remove Scripting Ability.

Until I get my hands on the event logs I won't know for sure why but apparently Massless needs more from the server than a shared hosting scenario can provide.

The downside of popularity. Now I need an environment that scales to the size of my inflated head.

In the meantime...I'll post here, statically. I still have a flint and steel - fire will out.

Too big for britches,