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A Wastrel's Calendar.

As a UI developer, I've written approximately 18,478 calendars.*

And, as noted in the title, I'm pretty wastrel-like. So, to further enable my "wastrelity"** I've been applying even more OOP to my design prototypes.

I've posted an example of the Calendar object in action in case anyone's interested. I've been including it in demos and prototypes for everyone who has IE 5+/Win or the latest builds of Mozilla or Firebird.

"How's it work?" asks the bespectacled shut-in towards the back. (I totally get you.) It's pretty simple, really. The calendar HTML is generated from a XML document object that uses a barebones Calendar XML format that I transform using client-side XSLT by encapsulating the transformation into a custom Calendar object and generating sub-classes for each new calendar's look-and-feel.

Yep. Pretty simple.

One nice advantage of using an object via client-side scripting is being able to email a zipped or stuffed directory that contains a prototype which features a rich interface and dummy data that can be easily modified (and re-used) by the UI designer.

There's also another nice advantage in not having to re-write the math for determining leap years.

Like, every time.

*margin of error = +-18,400

**not actually a word, my friend

Posted at December 1, 2003 02:48 PM
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