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Every once in a while...a brief, fictional post.
  • Through the Heather
    Amaro ran for exactly 15 seconds at a time. He would start running at dusk. A few feet. Then stop. Then a few more feet. Then stop.
  • Homecoming
    Vasily returned home after his seventh year of working for the Ural-Kuznetsk complex.
  • A Sharp Knife
    As any old lady can attest, pain's boundaries, though, are such that they can expand to fit the entire universe, if need be.
  • The Day of Numbers
    Not fictional. What I did the day Google went public.
  • War and the Studebaker
    Jack was idly poking his mother's shoulder. Usually he could only poke her a few times before she'd poke his nose or pat his hand away. But she kept still. And breathed softly.
  • A Small Surprise
    What am I cutting? Funny. Please don't interrupt.
  • Henry and Louis
    The afterlife, in some form. Henry Ford, founder and chief engineer of the Ford Motor Company encounters Louis Chevrolet, racer, French expatriate, and one-time chief engineer of the Chevrolet Motor Company.
  • Driven
    His phone rang and he grasped for it; a lifeline.
  • My Journey Aboard The Whiskey Sour, Day 1
    "This sea is pancake. The smartest bring a ladle."
  • How to Make A Man Bloody
    Often, a man will choose to fight with a weapon instead of resorting to the slap and tickle of hand-to-hand combat. But he is likely harboring the same need as yourself, namely: a non-lethal dance of pain and physical confrontation.
  • The Fisher's Husband
    After securing her ship she would return home and kiss him three times before leaving. And he would implore her, "Will you stay instead? I will draw you a warm bath. You can leave tomorrow." And, as always, she would dismiss him gently. No, my darling, no.
  • The True Story of Giggle and Boggle.
    In quieter times, I think often of two gentleman I've met - and of their extraordinary lives and the remarkable occasion of their meeting.