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Through the Heather


Amaro ran for exactly 15 seconds at a time.

He would start running at dusk. A few feet. Then stop. Then a few more feet. Then stop.

Every day for a year. You could see his long, sloping shadow stutter through the reeds. His arms would pump; his face would flush. Then nothing. Then another explosion! - limbs akimbo, an engine made flesh. Then a halt. Explode! Relax. Go! Stop.

It was his destiny.

"You's stoopid cra-azy, dawg" muttered the path...

Amaro ran for the joy of running.

One day, the forest path rose and carried Amaro to a tall, far hill. It was a curious path and it rustled a question.

Why do you run?

I dunno, said Amaro. I guess - I generate wind. I pump blood. From nothing, something is made: a velocity. I am the arrow *and* the bow. A minor miracle. Or a great one, maybe - it's not important. Now, every day, I celebrate the possibility of motion.

"You's stoopid cra-azy, dawg" muttered the path as it whistled a low song and ferried Amaro back to their forest. When they returned, it was dusk. Amaro smiled, tensed - ready to run.

As he exploded into motion, the path rumbled another question: Why do you stop?

Amaro stopped.

To think.

Posted at February 25, 2003 09:40 AM
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