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  • The Musee Mechaniqué at the Cliff House
    A beautiful whirlygig of a museum filled with coin-operated diversions, wurlitzers, and ancient arcade games.

  • Fray Day 6
    (Polaroid series) In an attempt to placate those who view slideshows of events involving popular web personas as far too much of a glad hand - I have attempted to accommodate you. I have tried to counteract the genuinely warm feelings of goodwill and acceptance amidst these near strangers by labeling each subject as if they were an evil sovereign leader of some kind. Enjoy!

  • Mozilla 1.0 Party
    Pics of just one of many parties happening around the world celebrating the successful release of Mozilla 1.0. This one was held at the DNA Lounge on 11th St. San Francisco.

  • Noisepop 2002
    This series was taken on Mar. 3rd, 2002. Dealership was playing with Guided By Voices, Preston School of Industry, and Visqueen at Bimbo's 365 Club. San Francisco.

  • The Calendar Girl Murders
    This series was taken on Mar. 23rd, 2002. The movie, The Calendar Girl Murders first aired in 1984. The movie was contemporary, set in the early 80s, and is about a series of murders involving supermodels. It stars, among others, Tom Skerritt, Sharon Stone, Alan Thicke, and Robert Beltran.

  • The Lovemakers
    This series was taken on Mar. 9th, 2003. Pictures of the band, The Lovemakers, taken at the 40th Street Warehouse in Oakland, California.