Making stuff as a founder of Avocado. Former music-maker. Tuna melt advocate. Started Google Reader. (But smarter people made it great.)


Sleep is for the weak, he said while noisily sleeping.


  • Avocado
    In late 2010, I thought of an idea for a service and application for couples based on an offhand remark by a therapist I knew. I then told a couple of people, and then immediately went and did nothing about that thought. Only years later did I finally start it as a project, and now that's become something quite a bit bigger thanks to a wonderful team and some brave, early-adopting couples.

  • Google Reader
    In my spare time I started a project while working as an engineer at Google which became Google Reader and which I then worked on for years. It only became a real project thanks to the care and effort that has come from a great group of people that are much smarter than me and that have been dedicated to helping make it a useful part of many people's lives.

  • Pegs
    An experiment in page layout and interaction. One scrollbar working as a differential over several scrollable areas. Tries to achieve independent (and hopefully sensible) distribution of movement.

  • Santas!
    A tiny, little "shibboleth" service for easily making a secret santa list. (In my head a "shibboleth" service is one where a password is required but identity is de-emphasized, usually meaning users don't need to choose or manage a username or profile.)

  • "Hung" (8:29, Quicktime)
    A moody little short film I made. Dunno why. Featuring songs by Saturday Looks Good To Me, Citizens Here and Abroad, and The Small Hours. Also, available on YouTube.

Archived. (Mostly dead.)

The following experiments are mostly unusable as they're many years old at this point. I keep them around for sentimental value. They'll be removed at some point.

  • Massless' Calendar Object
    A Calendar object base designed for use in prototyping a web application's UI.

  • Namaste
    A collection of classes for form creation and management via Javascript. Useful as a demonstration of applying object-oriented design principles to client-side scripting. I find Namaste useful for prototyping.

  • An ExtendedForm class
    Collects form access/validation in one extensible Javascript object.

  • Sanguine
    An XML editing interface API in Javascript.

  • How to Freeze Columns Using Javascript and HTML
    Like Excel, a table with frozen columns. Works in IE, Mozilla, and Safari.

  • A Richer <TABLE>
    An experimental editable table layout that doesn't use the TABLE tag.

  • PHP Database Abstraction Class
    A basic database abstraction class for MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access. For those without access to PEAR.

  • PHP Request, Server, and Session Wrappers
    For application developers who need access to the $SERVER and $REQUEST and $SESSION objects in environments with variant settings of register_globals.

  • A Richer <SELECT> box
    or Moving Multiple Items From One List Box To Another List Box (Without Using a List Box) for IE 5.5, IE 6.0, Netscape 6.2, and Mozilla 0.9.7 - (not Mac IE5+ - not sure how to capture the Apple/Command key.)