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Site content returns, I help Ernie with his new book, and Secadora and Dealership make some new noise as Citizens Here and Abroad

Massless: Too Big for Britches

"This site used to be beautiful in a simple not-so-beautiful way. It certainly had lots of content. But as of two days ago, my host asked me to slow down..."
Boring Update About This Site: Hey, look! Content. How? I've made some changes to the backend - attempting to reduce my footprint here at my host...

In other news, Ernie, your host at little.yellow.different, has written a new book.

And Chris and myself (from Dealership) and Dan and Adrienne (from Secadora) are having a little fun and will play some music for the kids going to see Rainer Maria next week - as Citizens Here and Abroad. Some mp3s to follow. (We like T-shirts - maybe we'll make some)

Did I mention that Dealership has finished recording and mixing our 3rd album?

And what did *you* do today?

Posted at November 15, 2002 03:17 PM
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