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Spoilers from the Commons: A preview of an interview about music and the internet.

Sometimes I have something interesting to say. These I like especially: spoilers from a soon-to-be-published Creative Commons interview with Jane, Scott, and I. The article will be comprehensive, I just wanted to show off some snippets (which may not make the final edit due to space). Some of my responses include:

On file sharing

"We can trade music and ideas with a subset of people who already are thinking a lot about music, are exposed to many things (via P2P), and can take an active role in developing a critical aesthetic."
On the idea that mp3s will replace CDs
"I believe that the elements of CD packaging, including cover, booklet and CD design (using accompanying images and text to provide a richer experience) as well as the product's very physicalness (something that allows for unlimited portability and decorative collection) are such valuable characteristics as to make a practical differentiation possible...which is to say that I don't think people will *ever* stop buying music on physical media."
On radio: analog vs. internet
"The freely-given commercial use of our songs in internet radio is certainly preferable to freely-given commercial use in the rigid distribution/marketing system of the commercial analog radio industry. How so? Here's an example: analog radio's marketing efforts are a potential career-killer that is unique to their industry (...just listen: "Now, on the KZZZ Moooorning Crew here's Dealership with their new funky fresh cut!" *fades in from AOL ad, cuts out to DJ John's Wacky Body Noises bumper*...) and I believe the risk taken in that sphere is worth compensation."
There's more, and Jane and Scott provide extremely thoughtful commentary and, unlike me, Jane and Scott actually come off as human. I'd like people to read it, so I'll link it when it comes out.

Scott, in particular, outlines a number of ways he uses the internet to actually craft music. This guy is creative and smart: full of brainstuff I need to pick.

Jane gets the zinger regarding bitrates: "When you're downloading music, who wants to wait 15 minutes? When you want to party to Andrew WK, you want to party NOW!!! Even at lo-res."

Also (off-topic) Life. Rich pageant. Who knew?

Posted at November 20, 2002 02:51 PM
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