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Re-design in the Time of "Car"-lera.

My boss has a very nice German-made car. When we piled in to go to lunch, I noticed that the seat belt clasps were located near the door - meaning you'd pull the belt from the inside of the seat away from person sitting next to you. I remarked that I liked the design, "Good UI - no ambiguity on which clasp is yours..."

My colleague, Mark, asked: Did we start out in life this judgmental of processes and design? Or did programming every day drive us to obsession?

I don't know - I just think-

-OW! Loud! Everywhere! War. Retaliation. Victory. Appeasement. Vengeance. Defeat. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.


I looked over my shoulder as I held his head close to my knee. As the cop approached, I looked down and just breathed out my one statement: "Don't come any closer. This is a private matter."

Which made it to the affadavit. Funny, huh?

(A redesign here. There are some bugs. And even some bad UI. Any good UI exhibited here is inspired, in spirit if not in aesthetic, by Matt's very usable and attractive re-design. Update: Hey, Scott re-designed as well! Must be the weather.)

Posted at March 6, 2003 03:06 PM
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