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The Gmail I Know

I've read about Mark's dream of Gmail - have read of his recent bout of sleeplessness and his frustration. I've read, with particular interest, of his nightmare melange of math martyr monkeys which is a good tongue twister, to be sure. Interestingly, my dreams (were I home long enough to dream) would be the same. The same golden staircase. The same math. The same hard-to-define Monkeytania-esque-atude.

But while admiring our similar narco-idiosyncracies, I've also glanced at the adjacent text in his post and read about an important oversight regarding Google and email. Specifically about our Campaign Against the Blind. (And by "our" I mean "Google" and not "the universe" or "ducks" or "sleepy people")

I think I've missed a memo. (A crucial one I think.) I was shocked to read that Mark thinks "Google isn't even trying". Wha-? I'd then resolved to correct that impression since surely a company that can lobby-by-example for willful disdain for the differently abled could be described as an organization that "tries".

As in "we're trying our best to limit accessiblity." (Emphasis mine.)

So, as I'm a good Google Foot Soldier I went straight to our intranet and looked up information on our bold, new direction. I was initially disappointed, perhaps it had a code name I'm unfamiliar with? So I went straight to the Gmail product manager. I knew he'd be awake as we'd removed his eyelids just before launch. For motivation.

Mr. Gmail Manager disappointed me further. He mentioned that some beta products with modules that have challenging user experience models might launch those components first, since the other models are a bit more time-tested. He offered that some betas might even launch them alone hoping to focus the target of quality feedback to the more challenging interface. Or something like that, I'm not entirely sure as I couldn't concentrate while staring at his freaky lid-less expression. (Ewww.)

I'm saddened that there's a chance that there's no Campaign. But I can't blame Mark for getting my hopes up. (No one else should blame him either.) If there's no press release regarding a product's interface or its development or its future...then all he can review is what he can see.

With his own two lidded eyes. (Presumption of lids mine.)

I might send Mark a Gmail about his dreams, at any rate. We might share the same somnolent recollections. I'll just fire up Safari, login, and Send.

Wait... Your Gmail doesn't work on Safari...? That's weird... Aren't you using the nightly build from my machine?

Oh. Right.

Well, if you don't mind waiting a little... *starts coding faster*
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posted at April 13, 2004, 12:06 AM