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Dreams, discernment, and Google Reader

There’s been some interesting critical discussions of some design and product changes within Google Reader recently and I’ve kind of stayed out of it since I’m heads down on making big changes elsewhere. But I grabbed a few minutes, and … Continue reading


Bad advice blues

It’s not a good idea to take advice from people who need you to fail in order for them to succeed. e.g. The real estate developer looking to expand might forecast dropping prices, which benefits them if you wait to … Continue reading

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War machines.

It’s not worth framing enemies in business. Because if you gear a workforce up for fighting a foe you get a war mentality which, like a robot in a sci-fi narrative, eventually turns on clients or users of that business. … Continue reading



for my father He’d have missed some of these latest days our family re-joined old stories re-told but told longer this time as if they grew like rings on trees every year. And in the fashion of teachers everywhere I … Continue reading

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The Social Network might be about socialness in work.

The Social Network was potboilery fun: crisp, witty, and beautiful. Fun especially if you’re building web technology as the film pointed a sliver of mirror at our heart’s toil during the “wget” scene. Some are upset about the movie’s historical … Continue reading

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