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The streets of San Francisco and Fashionist.

Mai rules. Check these out.

The pictures below are from Mai's site, Fashionist. At Fashionist, she's been posting hundreds of photos of people she sees on San Francisco's streets and asks them what made 'em wear what they were wearing. I'm a heads-down kind of moron and I sometimes forget that our city has such a constant, interesting stream of styles whirling by.

I actually can't pick favorites. And the whole accomplishment is one item on a big list of things she can do that I couldn't even dream of doing (e.g. asking strangers to pose for a fashion site).

There's a ton of stuff up already. I recommend checking it out by clicking through these to see more details for each passer(s)by.

I know very little about bags. Accordingly, here's a picture of hers I really like...of a little bag.

posted at March 12, 2008, 5:12 AM


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