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Me and The Merlin Show.

Recently, Merlin Mann of 43 Folders asked me some questions in an interview about how I manage the information gorilla in my life that is email. It's about 15 minutes long (Merlin is inspiring) and I had a long-winded answer to how I manage a communcation deluge that is best summarized as: poorly.

When I somehow manage email well, Mihai's helpful Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail are an essential factor.

Look at me working that smoothie. Dork. Merlin was nice enough to ignore my classlessness.
posted at March 05, 2007, 3:23 PM


  • At 4:03 PM, Anonymous jon deal said…

    I watched that! You were great. The story about fixing the gmail code for Safari was great.

  • At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I have looked at your page how to freeze columns Using Javascript and HTML and would like to know if you could send me the code for this?

    I am currently working on FreePBX project and would like to use this code for mass extensions creation/modification.

    If you could, email me at cyberglobe_isp *&* hotmail *.* com or at rk *&* cyberglobe *.* net with the code and/or files necessary for this.

    Thank you.

  • At 7:37 AM, Anonymous charles wetherell said…

    Because most things do occur to you I'm sure you must realize that Yahoo has a staff person assigned specifically to you to send technical questions on a daily basis to keep you from more important GOOGLE engineer work. They probably think it's cute and don't really care that they could be defined as cyberspace vampires. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean there not out to get my Son. You have sworn to 'do no evil'; I haven't.

  • At 12:18 AM, Blogger Ramsey said…

    Hey Chris!

    I just stumbled upon your interview and it was really great. Looks like the Google decision was the right one, huh :-)

    -- Ramsey Lubbat

  • At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Mayf said…


    I came across your interview yesterday. The Safari story was vivid. The rest was mostly geek to me, but explains why we don't hear much from you. Somebody needs a SPONSOR...!

    pretty colors,


  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Tim said…

    I'm enjoying it, Chris. It's pretty novel and fun to watch two smart people talking about things like Cingular data plans and gmail management in an interview.


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