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Sundancing around films, a beginner's plea.

In a few days, some friends and I are heading to Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival recurs. It's exciting. We're newbies, however, and know little about how best to enjoy the festival, though California has been kind enough to prepare us for Utah's less-than-tropical experience by slowly moving the average temperature range down to highs of Oh-Shit(F) and lows of Omigod-Its-Like-Cold-Holy-F*ckin-Crap(F).

Maybe you've been to Sundance before? We could really use your advice if you have any to impart. You can email me at chris [at] this domain name. Or maybe leave a comment?
posted at January 16, 2007, 9:47 AM


  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Silus Grok said…

    I live in Salt Lake, and we're currently in the teens — 16 degrees high today. So, um, yeah: it's cold. Bring a scarf, gloves, and something to cover your head.

    Sundance is fun, and you can spend all your time up in Park City (above the little bit of valley pollution), watching the stars... or you can divide your time between Park City, and the downtown venues — where there are more locals, fewer crowds, and where it's 10 degrees warmer.

    I live a block west of the Rose Wagner hall, which is one venue... and two other venues — the Broadway Theaters and the Tower Theater — aren't far.

    There's a lot of great ( amazing! ) dinning in Salt Lake and in Park City, so be prepared for good eats.

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Silus Grok said…

    And these are the suggestions an industry friend of mine has for you:

    buy your tickets last month
    dress warm
    don't go next year so [he] can get around easier
    use the tram system
    stay in park city
    don't try and drive to screenings
    wait list early if you wait list at all
    don't plan on seeing many movies the first weekend — unless you have tickets


  • At 10:35 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    Wish i read this earlier...i worked for the fest. for a few months as a publicist for the many short films...which in case you missed, you can still watch online for Sundance's Online Film Festival...


    and no, I don't work for them anymore :) Landscaping until next year! hope you had a great festival, I sure did.

    Enjoy the shorts!


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