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Perspectives from teh interweb. (Dec 18, 2006)

  • Drowning Kittens In A River Full Of Cash, And I Am Not Lying, For Real
    Jeff Simmermon recently wrote about his feelings toward AOL before and after being laid off. He calls his severance "a winning lottery ticket" and is candid about the rumor mill atmosphere and its personal toll. His post has been removed, but is still readable via this link and through other feedreaders and other caches, presumably.

  • Matt dwells on the click-through rate of a recent WordPress post which leads to an interesting discussion in the comments. An interesting comment: "The permalink was the ad."

  • I'm guessing people are going to argue about the semantics, but the basic point of identifying and executing whatever a userbase think of as "features" is crucial to success and adoption of many applications. Maybe not yours, but if you don't do the critical analysis, you might be missing something.

    How to pronounce that fucker's name.

  • Java SE 7 wish list, Peter Ahé's Weblog
    I basically stumble through the absence of most of these.

  • Agencies are considering funding circumcision in high-risk countries.

  • Awesome. The old Lucasfilm sets in Tunisia are actually being used as dwellings. The locals call them "les troglodytes."

My friends ... are working around the cold.
  • ev said,
    "Told the yellow-pages delivery guy we we wouldn't use it; we just use the internet instead. So he didn't leave it with us. And didn't seem to mind. Nice."
  • veen said,
    "Continuing to hold for the next available associate..."
  • mai said,
    "fun weekend means another run on the henry street stairs."
  • Case said,
    "Today's Blog of Note is brilliant, check it out! "History, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts.""
  • heather said,
    "lamest excuse for work tardiness: 'i'm sorry, but i have to photograph frost covered grass in the dog park.'"


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