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From my online life. Around Dec 01, 2006.

Links from a recent trip around the World Wide Web.My friends say the weirdest things. See?
  • Mickipedia said,
    "amazed that no one seems to care that dana saw a homeless man get run over by a woman w a nappy-ass weave" 19 minutes ago
  • ev said,
    "Making charts and graphs. Also, about to be interviewed on video and I just spilled water down my front. " 21 minutes ago
  • Case said,
    "Harold McGee is teaching us how to make yogurt. :)" 28 minutes ago
  • Mickipedia said,
    "saw mila jovovich at groundworks. she looked all crazy-like. i still wanted to hump her." about 1 hour ago
  • Caterina said,
    "Dropped Powerbook, which fixed the wobbly power supply problem caused by the last time I dropped it." about 1 hour ago
  • Jason Shellen said,
    "Reading about Morgan Freeman's venture. I have low hopes that it will work on a Mac." about 1 hour ago
  • Biz Stone said,
    "Getting some nuts from the gas station" about 1 hour ago

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posted at December 01, 2006, 3:40 PM


  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Eternal_Elf said…

    lol! Your friends sound hilarious. Mine are the same weirdos :P. Love your site <3.


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