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Connecting the dots [links and stuff]

Starred these.
  • TypeInstanceHomonym, Martin Fowler's Bliki
    Conversational dissonance often gets resolved by our clever, clever brains.

  • Laurence: "While I prefer my software to be open source, I don't consider the developers of non-open-source software to be infidels." Unbeliever! Throw him in a pit! He must be a witch! Like his co-workers! At Google! Who...uh, oh shit, right. *slinks back to work*

  • From a sarcastic riff about a future fictional Zach Braff film: "The Arcade Fire comes on in this really dramatic scene where I am laying on the hood of a car as it goes through a car wash, and I don't even get off or put on a poncho because I'm so sad that who cares."

    Disclosure: The picture topping the link is probably NSFW for various meanings of 'work.' And I enjoy Scrubs.

  • Downloaded. Relatedly: I love Firebug. Yes, I love software. Yes, it can be considered a healthy love. Yes, if you get just the right doctor.

  • There's been a ton of pixels spilled in support of our new feature. I was hoping there'd be more reaction to the fact that Jeff and his team were deeply involved in its design. If you like Reader Trends you should go thank Lord Mihai and the MeasureMap gang.

Around closing time my friends ... have different finishing moves.
  • ev said,
    "Walking home from work. Thinking I shoulda worn a jacket today."
  • Biz Stone said,
    "Feeling the power of a fully functioning powerbook battery for the first time in a year"
  • Jack said,
    "Being read to (by my ipod) as I take the lonely F train home..."
  • Mickipedia said,
    "just finished a very lengthy piece for worldchanging on new media, convergence and copyright. *cracks beer*"


posted at January 11, 2007, 4:08 AM


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