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Starred to Shared in Reader.

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A couple of years ago we made an option in Reader to share tags. Back then, there wasn't yet a dedicated page to shared items, or a "Share" button, or services aggregating shared items. e.g. FriendFeed, Linkriver, RSSMeme, Readburner [about to re-launch]

Things are certainly different now. It's past time for me to use starring for a different non-public purpose. So this'll be the last item I share via starred items. I'll star this post in Reader to remind people that this'll be going away later this week...if you're reading this via my starred items and you're at all interested in the things I'm sharing - why not unsubscribe from the starred and subscribe to my shared feed?

Early adoption always seems to introduce a sort of Brownian motion, doesn't it? Sorry 'bout that.

Not everything's different now, of course. For example, my shared items page in Reader, as well as yours, looks similar to Dealership's page, doesn't it? Yeah, that. Well...we were pressed for time and inspiration at Reader when we made sharing live, however we're keen on updating that styling.
posted at March 25, 2008, 10:46 AM


  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger louisgray said…

    Chris, you and the team have done a great job with Reader, and the shared items has become a significant differentiator that's made Reader the standard. You noted RSSMeme, ReadBurner and LinkRiver as being services built off this feature, and it's a fun space to watch develop. So congratulations on that.

    I'm eager to learn if Reader would ever open up to other RSS engines posting to the shared items feed, if Reader will ever show rankings of popular feeds, items, etc. I'm sure my interest there is not a surprise to you. :-)

    I also understand you are restricted to not talking about future products but it would be great to start a dialog as there are many other developers in this space looking to tap into the Reader ecosystem. I hope we can connect via e-mail or cell phone. You can reach me at 408 646 2759.


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